190 Proof Ethanol - Undenatured - 55gal Drum - USP, FCC



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 *** Price Includes Federal Excise Tax at the Lower Rate of $5.40/proof gallon while allocation lasts ***

Tax Paid (No Permit):

  • Customers must submit 2 documents before any shipment of Pure Undenatured Ethanol will be made:
    • End-Use form confirming the Pure, Undenatured Ethanol will only be used for industrial purposes and it will not be used in its pure form for beverage products or repackaged, relabeled, or processed in its pure form for resale. 
    • A copy of Customer's driver's license, state identification card, or U.S. Passport clearly displaying name and age. 
  • The customer's first Purchase Order must clearly show the Excise Tax amount for the product requested ($13.34 per proof gallon). Integrated Chemical Solutions collects taxes, and our individual manufacturers remit taxes to the US Government, as required by a Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) making taxable removals.


  • Customers must provide a ship-to address if different from their billing address.
  • Once your order is placed, Integrated Chemical Solutions will contact you for specifics about your receiving department and procedures.
  • Lead times for deliveries vary depending on customer location.

Identification and Properties:

 Boiling Point: 173 °F (78.3 °C)
Flash Point: 55 °F (12.8 °C) Closed Cup
Molecular Formula: C2-H6-O
Molecular Weight: 46.07 g/mol
Vapor Pressure: 59.5 hPa
CAS Number:  64-17-5


Additional Information for Drums:

Base Unit of Measure DRUM
Grade(s) USP
Proof 190
Wine Gallons 55
Proof Gallons 104.5
Gross Weight (lbs) 392.9
Net Weight (lbs) 373.5
Quantity Per Skid 4
NMFC Code 44500-02